Yamimash is a casual gamer who plays various horror, rage, Pokemon and sometimes strange games if given the chance. Yamimash is known for having a relaxed attitude when starting up game as he goes on along with the game their will be at time were Yami will talk about his personal life or make a few jokes about an event that occurred during his video.


Yamimash, opens up each video with his iconic phrase "Hello guys this is yamimash here and we're going to be playing (insert game name here)" aside from starting off cheerful in any of his lets plays usually nothing changes about his behavior until something scary pops up at him which leads to a low pitched yell along with saying "What the fuck is that!"

YouTube CareerEdit

Before becoming a successful youtuber like markiplier in certain aspects Yamimash used to live with his mom on whom monitored his behavior and sometimes gives him food when he's doing a lets play but it was not long until he decided to move out from his mom's home.

Not much is revealed about Yamimash other then that he has a girlfriend and a kitten named "zigs" which viewers keep calling Kittiemash or YamiKat.


  • Markiplier: Friend
  • Keemstar: Enemy
  • Slenderman: Enemy
  • Cat Mario: Enemy
  • Wade: Friend
  • Ziggs: Friend
  • Girlfriend: Unknown