Yamimash wiki is a community site that discusses the youtube gamer "Yamimash". A British speaking youtuber who plays along with markiplier in certain videos and possibly other youtubers as well, his personality ranges from being terrified easily by the littlest jump scare to making disturbing yet awkward comments and will lash out in anger even though himself believes that he can not be angered easily when playing rage games like cat Mario and unfair Mario.


Scary Games

 1.White Noise, 

2.Labyrinth 3.The 4th Wall 4.The Corridor 5.White Day 6.The House 2 7.Nightmare house 2 8.Exmortis 2 9.Penumbra: Black Plague 10.The House 1 11.Which 12.The Halloween 13.Paranormal 14.Grey 15.Candles 16.Hylophobia 17.The Rake: Back to asylum 18.Bunny Man: Lost Souls 19.Erie 20.Dream of the Blood Moon 21.The Rake: Hostel 22.The Briefcase 23.Pesadelo 24.Grey 25.Hotel 666 26.Jeff The Killer 27.Lumber Island 28.Among The Sleep 29.Baby Blues 30.Maere (when lights die) 31.Slender Games 32.Pizza Delivery some of the horror games he has played

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